Since the beginning of 2021, Russians have spent about 19.5 billion rubles on real estate in Turkey, the Turk portal says.Estate received by the editorial office of “”. In total, during this period, they bought almost 1.8 thousand objects there.

According to analysts, foreigners show a massive interest in Turkish real estate, while in terms of the number of transactions concluded with non-citizens, Russia is consistently among the top 3 countries, ahead of China, Germany, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. So, in July alone, Russians bought 365 real estate objects in Turkey — twice as many as in July 2020 (then 154 transactions were concluded).

In 2021, the average budget of “foreign” transactions in the Turkish real estate market reached 150 thousand US dollars or 11.1 million rubles, experts estimated. “Thus, in July 2021, Russians spent about 4 billion rubles on the purchase of housing in Turkey. At the same time, over the past seven months, our compatriots, taking into account the data on the average value of foreign housing transactions, spent 19.46 billion rubles,” the experts conclude.

Earlier it became known that in the six months of 2021, from January to June, Russian demand for investment real estate in Turkey increased sharply — by 45 percent (compared to the indicator for the same period in 2020). Lots in the resort regions are in the greatest demand among investors. Among them, the province of Antalya stands out.