Deputy head of Novorossiysk Igor Dyachenko Ekaterina Demchenko will leave his post by reason of violations of the isolation imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19. About this Dyachenko announced on my instagram.

Publish from Igor Dyachenko (@dyachenko_nvrsk) 11 May 2020 8:16 PDT

Recently, as reported by “the Rambler”, it became known that Demchenko in violation of the regime of self-isolation in the company of other people visited one of the recreation areas.

“the News about inappropriate behaviour of the municipal employee requires no comment,” — wrote yesterday Dyachenko in his instagram.

He announced the adoption of a principled, radical and unequivocal decision to dismiss his assistant. According to the head of Novorossiysk, municipal employees do not have right for mistake, because it represent the power the city as a whole, and the behavior Demchenko undermines the authority of the government.


The outbreak of disease infection COVID-19, which causes the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, began in December in China. In March, the world health organization (who) declared the outbreak a pandemic. According to recent reports, globally the number of cases exceeded 4.1 million.

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In Russia the number of cases exceeded 221,3 thousands of people, the number of recovered — 39,8 thousand people, the number of deaths — two thousand people.