Public Commissioner for the protection of the family Olga Baranets filed a complaint in the Ministry of internal Affairs and communications for the service who posted the Russian TV series “Chica”. Photographs of the statements she posted on his page in Instagram.

According to Baranets, a series “aimed at propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations and feminism” and, in spite of this, is in the public domain in the network. She drew attention to the fact that the main heroine of the film work as prostitutes, and the show contains “scenes of physical and psychological violence”. Also the Ombudsman was outraged that “a lot of attention in the series is given to a homosexual sexual orientation” of a minor character and “approving and indifferent attitude of the mother” to his behavior.

in addition, Baranets noted the existence in the TV series heroes, a male acting as “only pimps, ex-felons, gangsters” and “weak-willed and incapable persons.” The Ombudsman saw this as a “feminist propaganda” and actions aimed at humiliation on the grounds of sex, incitement to hatred and enmity.

Olga Baranets asks agencies to engage owners and administrators of the platform, providing free access to the show, to administrative responsibility.

the Comedy drama “Cheeky” tells the story of three prostitutes, which the friend offered to open your own business and start a new life. The first two series were placed on the platform 4 Jun 2020. The main roles are played by Irina Gorbacheva, Irina Nosova, shmykova Varvara and Alena Mikhailova.

Earlier it was reported that the streaming service Netflix has cancelled the shooting of the Turkish TV series Only If (“If”) the character gay. The Turkish authorities refused to issue a license to the producers of the new project, explaining that unhappy with the presence of a homosexual character in the series. Netflix has stated that they will not change the scenario.