Russian scientists have invented a new way to search for life on Mars. We are talking about laser scanning of surface of celestial bodies with spacecraft or the landing station, said the Director of the research Institute of nuclear physics named after D. Skobeltsyn, Moscow state University, Vice-President of the international Committee on space research Mikhail Panasyuk.

“the Method is based on fluorescent radiation of biological objects on a microscopic scale after their irradiation with a laser beam. The characteristics of radiation we will be able to judge whether there is life on the object or not”, – quotes the explanations of the expert TASS.

Along with the measurement technique, scientists have developed a device that will determine the survival of microorganisms in outer space. It is they propose to focus scientists in the search for traces of life in the Solar system. To explore celestial objects will be at a distance of hundreds of kilometers. Scientific work published in the latest issue of “Space research”.