The head of the Russian Premier League (RPL) Sergey Pryadkin said that the results of the first after the resumption of the Russian football season round of the championship of the country revealed “a lot of violations,” compliance of safety measures prescribed in “COVID-regulation”. Basically we are talking about the contacts between the representatives of the teams and the fans. Mr Pryadkin was given to understand that clubs can incur their punishment. The precedents for outbreaks of coronavirus in the “Dynamo” and “Rostov” who ruined the tour and made RPL to start consultations with the CPS about easing regulations to prevent formal or actual breakdowns of matches.On the outcome of the 23rd round of the resumed after a pause of the championship of Russia, from the point of view of compliance caused by the special conditions of the ending of the tournament, Sergei Pryadkin said in an interview to “Russia 24”. The most interesting part was the detection of the presence of violations that the football authorities called COVID-regulation. Sergey Pryadkin acknowledged that there were “a lot”.In fact, it was clear to anyone who watched TV coverage of the matches as part of a tour or studied social media as fans and the clubs. In them it was impossible not to pay attention to the photos of the spectators sitting in the stands not on the “social distance” from each other, and side-by-side and not use any masks or gloves. As it was impossible not to pay attention to the abundance of posts joint photo with players, coaches and their fans — despite the fact that the regulations of the contacts between them should be excluded.”We still have a lot of work, including clubs and governing bodies to minimize the violations that occurred,”— said on this occasion, Sergey Pryadkin.
The head of the RPL gave to understand that for violations of “COVID-rules” clubs can incur “very harsh” punishment. He noted that all violations will be considered at the meeting of the disciplinary Committee of the Russian football Union (CDC RFU): “I Think this position is totally unacceptable. It jeopardizes the team and the General security of the whole championship”.Not spared Sergey Pryadkin side and two emergency outbreaks of coronavirus in “Rostov” and “Dynamo”. Because of them, both teams were forced to sit in quarantine. But if “Krasnodar”, the rival of Dynamo, agreed to the postponement of the match with them on July 19, “Sochi”, the opponent of Rostov, towards the went. In the end, “Rostov” played with the local citizens, the youth team and was defeated with the score 1:10.Sergey Pryadkin, as it turned out, considers the outcome of the Rostov history as unjust. “Of course, should not be such that adult professional players to play against boys, it’s just unfair if human. But wash��puppy how boys this game was conducted,” said Mr Pryadkin.
Chapter RPL meanwhile confirmed that the domestic football authorities are working on the adjustment of limits in order to separate positive tests in the team, the remaining players can continue to train and play. “We are consulting with the CPS on how accurately you can define a contact group and to identify those contact persons who would be isolated, and the rest would have continued the training process and matches,”— said Sergey Pryadkin, has noticed that such nuances exist in the “Western League”. “I hope that the CPS will meet our needs and carefully consider the request, give recommendations, including the local units,” he added.Arnold Boar