Employees of the Center” E ” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, engaged in countering extremism, began to go to stand-ups and shoot performances of artists on video. This is reported by the publication Baza.

On August 29, the operative came to the St. Petersburg bar “Laika”, where an open microphone for comedians was held. Among the speakers were Vadim Yakunin, Lisa Malikova, Sergey Ponomarenko and Gleb Kapelyukh. The policeman began to shoot the comedians on camera, but the administrator asked him to stop shooting. Then the operative went to a corner and from there resumed recording artists on video.

In Moscow, the police also attended the performances of stand-up artists, but they acted more secretly. The comedian spoke on condition of anonymity about an operative who made notes in a notebook at a concert, and his colleague was shooting on his phone.

The unexpected interest of the police in stand-up appeared after the case of comedian Idrak Mirzalizade. The reason was a joke about Russians on the air of the YouTube program “Dispersals”. He served 10 days on an administrative case of inciting hatred or enmity. After the release, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the “undesirability of the humorist’s stay” on the territory of Russia. Now he has to leave the country