on Monday had Trump and Putin a call on coronaviruses. On Wednesday landed a plane with 60 tonnes of medical equipment in the UNITED states.

A Russian aircraft with medical equipment, the country is in the UNITED states, which is struggling with a rapidly developing smittetal for coronaviruses.

Consignment is a result of a phone call between the president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

the Plane is on Wednesday late afternoon local time, the country in John F. Kennedy international airport in New York.

Trump, who has problems obtaining enough respirators and protective equipment for healthcare workers in the country, accepted Putin’s offer on Monday.

The Russian aircraft to Washington has caused a stir, as it often is the UNITED states, sending relief to countries in trouble – not vice versa.

Trump accepted with gratitude this humanitarian relief, says the spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

A u.s. official has confirmed that the consignment is a result of the phone call between Trump and Putin.

the Plane reportedly delivered 60 tonnes of medical equipment, among other things, respirators, masks and other paraphernalia.

the Equipment will, according to the official, will be examined to confirm that it lives up to its standards.

The Russian fragtflys trip has been covered by several Russian media, among other things, the channel Rossiya 24 on Wednesday morning showed images of the plane, which took off from the airport in Moscow.

In Russia, the number of confirmed smittetilfælde 2337, while 17 have died with the virus. Some doctors, however, has questioned the figures.

IN the UNITED states is it confirmed smittetal over 205.000, while at least 4500 is dead.

Peskov says that Moscow is hoping that the US will reciprocate the service, if there be a need for it.

– It is important to interject that when we offer help to our american colleagues, so expect the president, that the u.s. manufacturers of medical equipment will reciprocate when their production has come up in the tempo, and if it is necessary, says Putin’s spokesman.