Russian military doctors in Italy told about the destruction of the chain of the spread of coronavirus

Russian military doctors are actively treat the infected with coronavirus Italians in Lombardy. In a field hospital of Bergamo, they help patients of mild and medium severity. However, they are not ready to let those already on the mend. Thus, Russian experts are gradually destroying the distribution chain COVID-19 in area with a complex epidemiological situation.

the First patients of the Bergamo field hospital was taken in early April. Heavy patients are transferred to the Department for intensive care, the rest is distributed to conventional therapists. The hospital has 142 seats.

Now the hospital treated 35 infected COVID-19. Of these, 12 patients served by the Russian brigade of physicians. The help of Russians have already put on your feet 12 Italians – they have fully recovered from the coronavirus and sent home.

the Therapeutic Department of the hospital designed for patients with moderate and mild severity. This allows not to occupy the house for those who need intensive treatment and resuscitation.

–We accept people even with suspected coronavirus, and facilitate the provision of other health facilities in Bergamo, who have long been overloaded, – explained the senior group medical-sisterly brigades of the Ministry of defense of Russia Alexander Umnov. – In addition, we interrupt the chain of contacts of sick and potentially sick COVID-19 healthy people. Indeed, in the hospitals of Bergamo get treatment of not only infected with the coronavirus. Thus, the overall incidence COVID-19 should be reduced.

At the field hospital, Bergamo employs 32 Russian military doctor and nurse. They are divided into eight medical and nursing teams. Their responsibilities receiving and treatment of patients around the clock.

Meanwhile, Serbia continues anticorosiva the Russian humanitarian mission. To combat COVID-19 in the Republic are preparing to deploy several medical centers. Some of them will be based on social objects. For example, in the sports hall of the educational institution in Niš. There are already established hospital bed, imported medical equipment and medicines, and medical staff received necessary training.

Russian experts conducted a consultation, told Serbian colleagues about the right sort of patients and the organization in terms of viral pandemics.

However, only the Advisory work of our military experts is not limited. Two medical and nursing teams has commenced treatment of patients with coronavirus in a hospital in Leskovac and clinical center of the town of Injune.

of All Russian military doctors took part in the treatment of nearly 300 infected COVID-19 Serbs. In addition, Russian virologists spent Epidemiol��strategic intelligence in medical institutions of the cities of Subotica and pančevo.

Our experts continue large-scale sanitation of medical institutions of the Serbian capital and its suburbs. So, for the last day of disinfection were subjected to 12 objects. Among them, the military medical centre “Karaburma”, Belgrade the Republic Institute named after M. a Trampoline as well as a military hospital and clinical center in the town Novi Sad.

Mass sanitation held in eight cities of the Republic. Disinfectant spetsrastvorami processed about 90 buildings and constructions a total area more than 530 thousand square meters. Also cleaned 150 thousand square kilometers of urban roads.