Some sort of scientific device would have to withdraw from the Russian lunar station to ease it at startup. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the decision of the Council of RAS on space.

the document stated that because of the shortage of mass of the spacecraft, the Council directs the Institute of space research, after determining the actual mass of the spacecraft “Luna-25”, if necessary, to prepare proposals on the reduction side of the payload.

“Luna-25”, also known as “Luna-glob”, will become the first domestic station, stranded on the moon’s surface after running in 1976, “Luna-24”. The main task is to develop and test the technology for soft landing in the polar regions of the moon. Additional studies of the properties of the lunar regolith in this region.

According to experts Roscosmos, landing first in contemporary history of Russia of the automatic station to the moon is planned in mid-October, 2021. Depending on the launch date will be selected from two options of flight: duration of 4.5 days or 5.5 days. It is expected that preparatory operations on the lunar orbit will take about five days. Total time from start to landing on the moon will take about ten days.