Tatiana Hartmann/Ksenia Sobchak

Russian language Teacher and blogger Tatiana Hartmann continues to fight illiteracy in the media. Tatiana maintains a video channel on YouTube, where examines errors in the speech of other help and public figures. In her new video, she decided to talk about errors in the speech of Ksenia Sobchak, and as examples cited the statements of the presenter and guests on her show.

First place, of course, the “dress-wear”. And Xenia, and her guests several times wearing what is actually needed to wear— start your analysis of Hartmann.

Tatiana pointed out the mistakes of Xenia in the decline of the names of numerals and the word “how”.
the Emphasis should fall on the first syllable, and the end should be “their” — to many, reminded Hartmann, one of the rules.

Ksenia Sobchak

According to her observations, Sobchak wrongly puts the accent on the second syllable in the word “novice” (the shock is the first syllable) and in the possessive forms of the word “boutique” (in which accent always falls on the second syllable). Pointing out the mistakes of Xenia, Tatiana said that they are often found in the speech of other people.

Tatiana Hartmann