To the news Agency “Prime Crime” had been threatened with a demand to remove from the article on the website “incriminating” information about the thief in the law the Edward Asatryan, known in criminal circles as Edward Sturgeon, and his supporters. On Thursday, may 14, “the” has informed Agency editor Victoria Gefter.

According to her, we are talking about the threats as follows: “Tell (name of website owner): if this dirt is not removed, it will be a big problem! And then decide — I say what I was told to give. Then you know better — the rest will see for yourself. (…) You’ve made some very bad enemies.”

As noted by Victoria Gefter, is in the history of the “Prime Crime” occurs for the first time.

on 9 may, the Agency published material about the situation around the 36-year-old Osmanov Zviad (Tbilisi Zviad), which convicts of the penal colony No. 2 (IK-2) in the city of Salavat (Bashkortostan) did not recognize the thief in the law.

According to the Agency, the instruction not to admit Osmanova thief in law “polozhenets” (representative of the criminal authorities) IR-2 received from Eduard Asatryan (Edward Sturgeon) and a number of thieves within its environment. According to Asatryan and his supporters, Osmanov worked closely with the administration of all places of deprivation of liberty, in which I was, and fulfill all directives of the jailers.

meanwhile, according to the source Agency, the same claims can be presented to all prosecutors Osmanova, including myself Asatryan. According to “Prime Crime”, Asatryan belongs “to the number of individual thieves who move freely in Russia and have immunity from prosecution under article 210.1 (“holding the higher position in criminal hierarchy”) of the criminal code, which a priori is impossible without cooperation with the security forces”.