Russian drone scare the poles

the Emergence in Russia of a new reconnaissance drone Orion alarmed the Polish military experts. As writes the edition Defence24, many of them because of the Russian drone seriously suggest to revise the whole system of defense of defense of Poland. The emergence of intelligence, “Orion” they call a threat and compared to a American strike MQ-1 Predator. “MK” has learned what is really behind the hysteria of retired generals in the Polish media.

the author of the material yuliush Sabak colorfully tells his readers that the Russian drone “Orion” can patrol at a height of 7.5 km in 24 hours. The maximum speed of the drone is about 200 km/h. the author with reference to its sources said the Russian Orion is extremely difficult to detect the current air defense system of NATO.

the Polish edition reminds that earlier Russia had financial problems, which did not allow the Russian to run the drone into production. Now the means.

the Polish military experts assessed the emergence in Russia of a drone reconnaissance “Orion”. They considered him a threat to the Eastern flank of NATO. Some even suggested that the Russian UAV will be “spy” for Suvalki corridor, while the main forces of Russia will be ready for a breakthrough. These same experts claim the current system of air defense of Poland before the “Orion” defenseless.

–This is a bluff. And he for the sake of money, – told “MK” military expert Alexei Leonov. – So the Polish government is trying to justify to their taxpayers for excessive spending on the defense industry. So you pulled another horror story about “aggressive Russians”, trying to capture and devour the neighbors.

the Expert notes that behind the Polish government are probably old friends from the Pentagon. According to Alexey Lenkova, that American “hawks” are trying to convince their satellites spend as much on armaments of the United States.

–In this case it is clearly not necessary, – the expert continues. – No benefit to our engines it is not. Suffice it to recall the drones Houthi RAID on the oil depot in Saudi Arabia, armed by the American air defense systems. These complexes and air defense systems missed the drone attack.

Also, Alex Levkov caught Polish journalists, at least, in ignorance. He noted that the Russian UAV “Orion” is still not adopted. While the authors convince their readers otherwise.

They scare readers new shock modification “Orion-2”. Supposedly “Orion-2” with a maximum takeoff weight of five tons will be able to carry a ton of bombs or missiles. With the climb up the mysterious “Orion-2” will be taller than its predecessor – up to 12 kilometers.

actually, there is only “Orion” is a Russian medium-altitude unmanned reconnaissance. This drone mAsoy a ton and a flight duration of 24 hours. Load capacity – 200 kg. the drone does not shock. On-Board equipment “locked up” solely for visual, radar and electronic intelligence. The range is 250 km away.

the Development of “Orion” by order of the Ministry of defense started in 2011. However, only in 2018 the drone has passed testing in Syria.

At MAKS-2019 it became known that the defense Ministry finally signed a contract for the first delivery of “Orion” in the army. In November last year, the first drones went into experimental troop operation in the Military-space forces of Russia.

20 APR 2020 Agency TASS reported that the Ministry of defence signed the act of acceptance of the first unmanned complex “Orion” is composed of three drones.