A Russian military transport plane with medical supplies headed to the United States of america. Russia wants the Americans to help with the fight against the corona virus, messaging, and the Russian state-controlled media.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin offered his U.s. ambtsgenoot with Donald Trump earlier in the week to help. “He has accepted the provision of humanitarian assistance are grateful,” said a spokesman for the Kremlin. Russia sent in before the the medical supplies to hard-hit Spain.

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in The U.S., more than 187.000 coronagevallen have been reported, the highest number in the world. The Russian government, according to official figures, at 2.337 people have found that they are infected with the virus.

and The mouthpiece of the Kremlin has noted that the united states may be at a given time and medical help to Russia, and to send them, if necessary. The relationship between the two countries rose over the past few years, is under pressure, inter alia due to the ongoing conflict in Syria, and the Russian annexation of the Crimea.