Simplified procedure of obtaining citizenship for older people, which relatives want to move to Russia from the CIS countries, will provide them with the necessary set of public services and guarantees. Including will provide an opportunity to receive a pension, medical care and social services, which today it is impossible to count without going through complicated and lengthy stages of collecting various certificates and documents. Such a draft law the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for the control and Regulation Natalia Kostenko intends to submit to the state Duma on July 31.

with In long queues for citizenship

Today Natalia Kostenko received many complaints from constituents whose elderly relatives are living abroad, are forced to undergo long and difficult procedure to obtain Russian citizenship. It is, above all, about the compatriots from the CIS countries.

“the procedures Themselves are difficult, but sometimes they become more complex — in the process of acquiring citizenship documents are lost and elderly people have them reinstall. This is not only help to collect, but also to undergo a medical examination, and repeatedly,” said Natalia Kostenko. She added that, for example, in Krasnodar territory medical Board can only go in one place — in the heart of Krasnodar. So, for example, inhabitants of Sochi, who, for 75-90 years, passed many hours to reach by train or road to get the paper on proper health. Because of their age for them it is sometimes not recognized the Deputy.

But even if all the obstacles on the way to the health facility resolved, this is only the beginning of the path to citizenship. It’s serious — go therapist, TB specialist, dermatologist, psychiatrist, the psychiatrist to give blood for HIV, syphilis, clinical analysis, and urine — for the presence of psychotropic substances, General analysis and so on.

Then received a health certificate must be applied to the previously collected documents and apply for the permit for temporary residence, which is considered by immigration authorities for several months. During this period, the elderly person cannot obtain residence or pensions, or to rely on the help of doctors and social services. And in this age it is essential the MP recalled.

But this ordeal does not end there. To issue a residence permit elderly relatives can only after three years in Russia. And again the applicant for citizenship must collect the necessary documents, repeat medical examinations, said Deputy head of the Committee. And only after obtaining a residence permit and a long stay in Russia he can count on a Russian passport.

the Law on citizenship of the need to expand

Out of this, it seemed would a stalemate mean, sure Kostenko. The state Duma has already expanded in April the list of persons to whom citizenship is granted under the simplified scheme, bypassing the stage of temporary residence permit and a residence permit. The law took effect July 24, and to the category “beneficiaries” he includes disabled persons, with children citizens of the Russian Federation, consisting of not less than three years of marriage with a Russian citizen living in Russia, citizens of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The new bill proposes to Supplement the Federal law “On RF citizenship” clause, allowing a simplified procedure for persons older than 75 years. Another category of “beneficiaries”, which proposes to introduce in the law the Deputy, the citizens who have reached the age of 65 years, recognized in accordance with the law by persons with disabilities of I, II or III group. They will be able to immediately apply for citizenship.

Today more than 240 thousand people living in Russia with a residence permit, can expect to receive citizenship under the simplified scheme, on July 24, said the head of the main Directorate for migration of the MIA of Russia Valentina Kazakova, in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. But only for the first half of 2020 Russian passports acquired 300 thousand foreigners.