the Resident of Tomsk Vitaly Wiwchar 76 times pressed under water to a 50 pound barbell and got into the Guinness Book of world records, beating last year’s record set by American. This was reported on the website of the city administration.

it is Noted that the Russians were doing the drill, holding his breath under water Swan lake in the village of Victory. This is followed by an independent observer, doctors and specialists. After filling in all the necessary documents of evidence will be sent to the editors of the Guinness Book of records.

the Previous record a year earlier established a resident of the United States Greg Wittstock. He managed to squeeze a 50-pound barbell under water 62 times.

the Current record holder — champion of Russia and Eurasia in the Russian press, a multiple winner of regional competitions. One of his achievements already recorded in the Book of records of Russia: Vivchar 1006 times in an hour raised a 55-pound barbell.

Earlier it was reported that Russian Irina Markova set a world record in the Northern (Nordic) walking. In the course of the ultra marathon called the “Time records” athlete covered 163 km and 525 meters, which is the ultimate achievement in this discipline.