Russia wants to obtain the new trade agreement with Britain after a Brexit

Moscow, January 30 – “News.Economy.” Russia would like to have a new trade agreement with Britain after an exit of this country from the European Union, said Russia’s Ambassador in Britain, Andrey Kelin.

Britain 31 January at 23:00 will leave the EU, until December 2020 will last for a transitional period, during which the sides will hold talks on future relations. The terms “separation agreement” approved by both parties, the extension of the transition period once for a period of up to two years.

Britain until July 1, can apply for the extension of the transition period. However, in this case Britain will have to continue to pay contributions to the EU budget, against what has been the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“We would like to have a new comprehensive trade agreement, but until then, probably very far,” said Kelin, RIA “Novosti”.

According to the Ambassador, Russia and Britain need to conclude agreements in the field of aviation, transport, trade of fissile materials and so on. “We have, in fact, already taken inventory of what we could do with the UK. But on the side of Britain while completely silent, because it still deals with more urgent for her actions,” Kelin stressed.

At the same time Kelin did not rule out the possibility of concluding a Treaty on free trade area (FTA) with Britain, if they want the British side.

“We will work and we will always be ready to conclude the necessary agreements. But I guess it will be now not the primary thing, she would go on some second plan. Although our economists and some businessmen speak pretty safe in the sense that let’s move on to the free trade zone, which, in principle, not a hypothesis, but it is a possible thing. But for this to be the part of London shown a very bold, new position,” concluded Kelin. Text: News.Economy