According to the head of the association Kanat Eshatov, during the negotiations it was possible to agree with the Russian side on the allocation of additional volumes of fuel to the republic.

– We are talking about almost 200 thousand tons of gasoline and about 80 thousand tons of diesel fuel. This will be enough for the country until the end of the year,” Kanat Eshatov said.

Earlier, the Association of Oil Traders reported that Kyrgyzstan had exhausted the limit on duty-free supplies of fuel and lubricants from Russia.

According to the indicative balance sheet signed by the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic, by the end of 2021, the republic was supposed to receive 460 thousand tons of gasoline and 585 thousand tons of diesel fuel and jet fuel without paying customs duty. However, these volumes were spent already in August of this year.

As a result, a situation arose in which the Kyrgyz Republic risked being left without duty-free fuel supplies from Russia, which would inevitably lead to a sharp increase in fuel prices in the republic.