The Russian Embassy in the United States called on Bloomberg to apologize to the audience for an article with misinformation about the rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Previously, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to VTSIOM published the chart which shows the decline of Putin’s rating in April to 27%. The Agency says that "Putin’s approval rating decreased with the intensification of the crisis in connection with the coronavirus".

Polls later stated that the positive assessment of the work of Russian President Vladimir Putin is 61-63%, the trust level of 67-68%, the electoral rating of the President the last time the same poll was given in 2018. And data used by the Agency reflect the position of only those Russians who Putin called one of the politicians they trust.

"we Count on the honesty of the publisher. Urge to exercise professionalism and objectivity, to place the actual performance of the trust and to apologize to his audience for the disinformation", – reads the statement of the Russian Embassy in Facebook.

The Embassy also noted that it seems that the article in Bloomberg written to create a false visual images about the negative dynamics in Russia.

Earlier, the Embassy demanded that the Agency’s rebuttal of the article about the number of hospital beds in Russia.

Bloomberg also published an article under the heading "Experts want to know why the coronavirus killed more Russians". It addressed the issue of the low mortality rate from coronavirus in Russia. Later the Agency changed the title of the article on "Experts wonder about the Russian data on mortality from COVID-19".