The Russian Embassy in the United States commented on the data, according to which Moscow allegedly offered a reward associated with the terrorist Taliban (banned in Russia) militants for the murder of coalition troops in Afghanistan, including US forces and the UK. The Embassy statement distributed on Twitter.

“Baseless and anonymous accusations The New York Times in Moscow as the organizer of the murder of American soldiers in Afghanistan have already led to direct threats against employees of the Embassy of Russia in Washington and London,” said the Embassy.

Diplomats urged to stop the publication of false news and demanded of the US authorities to take measures to ensure compliance with international obligations under the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations of 1961.

On 26 June, the newspaper The New York Times, citing US intelligence agencies reported that the Russian military intelligence secretly offered to pay for the murder of American soldiers. Thus, Moscow wanted to disrupt the peace negotiations, the U.S. and the Taliban. It was noted that in 2019 in combat in Afghanistan had killed 20 of the US military, and the death of some of them could be the result of actions of the Russian special services.