Quarantine measures and the transaction OPEC+ continue to reduce the demand for electricity in Russia. In may, the consumption decreased by 5.5% due to oil production, oilfield services, metallurgy, automotive industry and oil transportation. Falls and demand: production of electricity in TPP in may, for example, declined by 22%. Against this backdrop, the market prices for day-ahead decreased by 17%, but analysts expect a recovery after the lifting of restrictions.According to operational data “the System operator” (CO, Manager of the power system), in may, electricity consumption in Russia as a whole fell by 5.3%, year-on-year to 77.6 billion kWh, and in the Unified energy system of Russia (UES of Russia, does not take into account isolated power districts) had decreased by 5.5% year-on-year, to 76.2 billion kWh electricity Production during the same period in the whole of Russia decreased by 6.3% year-on-year, up to 78.3 billion kWh, and in UES of Russia fell by 6.4%up to 77 billion kWh Consumption decreased in six of the seven United energy systems (UES).Almost all the ECO, in addition to the CES of the East, in may significantly decreased the consumption by the enterprises of oil transportation, told “Kommersant” in. Reduced consumption of oil companies. In may, Russia began to cut oil production under the agreement with the OPEC countries+. In addition, in the IPS of the Middle Volga has reduced the consumption of automotive companies, oil-refining and metallurgical industry, noted in WITH. The average monthly temperature in may was 12.8 °C, a slight temperature deviation from the average does not have a significant effect.Electricity production in may declined in five of the ECO. Continued reduction in the load of thermal generation. In may, electricity generation of thermal power plants fell by 22.6% year on year, to 35.2 billion kWh Decline in production at thermal power plants due to the increasing utilization of hydro and nuclear power, says the report. So, because of the high water production plant has increased by 20% to 19.2 billion kWh While nuclear power plants produced 17.2 billion kWh, which is 9.1% higher than last year. The block-stations of the enterprises in may produced 5.1 billion kWh, which is 4.8% higher than last year. A significant increase and shows the renewable energy sector, although still occupies a minor share of output. Development of wind farms in may totaled 0.1 billion kWh, and SES — 0.2 billion kWh, told “Kommersant” in.”Since the introduction of measures of social distancing, the demand for electricity in Russia decreased by 3.7% and the acceleration of the decline in may could be of concern, but the first data for June show that the decrease in demand slowed to 2%. A major concern is the decline in prices on the market for days forward (RSV, competitive sector electricity trade)”, says Vladimir Sklyar from “VTB the Capital”. From the moment you enter the quarantine, the price of day-ahead market in the first pricing zone (European part of Russia and Ural) decreased by 17% and the second price��howl zone (Siberia) — 14%, in recent days, the decline only accelerated, notes the analyst. However, points out Vladimir Sklyar, the negative dynamics of demand and prices in Russia is estimated three times less than in similar situations in the EU.”The General decline in consumption since the beginning of the year,”and amounted to only 2,2 per cent of consumption over the same period of 2019, which demonstrates the gradual recovery of demand”,— said Denis Krasnov of an ACRE. According to his estimates, the decline in consumption for the full year will amount to 2,72 and 5.87%, depending on the speed of recovery of the Russian and world economies.Pauline Smertin