the Secretary of state Pompeo made a historic speech, which has been compared to the Declaration of the cold war, heard from the mouth of the Churchill in 1946. Pompeo said about the relentless struggle to the bitter end – only now the enemy is not Moscow and Beijing. Russia and America on the contrary, tries to draw into its coalition.

United States Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Friday delivered at the presidential library of Richard Nixon in Yorba Linda in southern California with a speech on “Communist China and the future of the free world”. Pompeo said the collapse of the policy of “unconditional engagement” with Beijing over the last half-century.

The head of state reminded about the strategy in 1971, to the surprise of many have adopted President Richard Nixon. Then Washington went on a rapprochement with Mao Zedong in order to sway him to their side in a fight with the Soviet Union. In addition, the United States later began large-scale investment in red China, suggesting that the growth of wealth in China appears “more freedom and it will be more friendly disposed towards other countries”. “The interaction that we’ve achieved, has not led to the changes in China, which wanted President Nixon,” he said Pompeo.

The successor of Mao, the current President of China, XI Jinping, the Secretary called a staunch supporter of totalitarian ideology” whose behavior reflects “the continuing decades, the desire for world hegemony, built on Chinese communism.”

“We have to face the harsh truth, which should guide us in the coming years and decades, if we desire freedom in the twenty-first century, not the century of the Chinese dream of XI Jinping. As clearly stated by President trump, we need a strategy that protects the American economy and our way of life. The free world must defeat this new tyranny”, – said the speaker.

According to him, China allow the same mistakes of the USSR. Among them – failure to observe property rights and the rule of law. The current US government, I am sure Pompeo, you need to use the methods of Ronald Reagan who launched a large-scale confrontation with the Soviet Union.

The Secretary of state noted that the actions of the authorities of the PRC threatened the safety and prosperity of the inhabitants of the “free world”, in connection with which these States needs “a creative and determined methods to achieve changes in the behavior of the CCP”. The Secretary of state called for the creation of the world in a new Alliance against Beijing, adding that Washington will even be able to drag him in Moscow. According to the head of American diplomacy, the opportunity “stems from the natural relations between China and Russia.”

By the way, a similar idea earlier expressing��l Deputy Pompeo Stephen began, saying that “Russia is facing a serious problem associated with the presence of China on its southern borders.” “What is now hidden because of the competitive relations of both countries with the United States, is not a solid Foundation of Chinese-Russian relations,” he said began.

However, the Kremlin has rejected calls Pompeo, calling China an “ally”, a country with whom we have “relations of a special partnership nature.” Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow “never takes part in the Alliance against someone.” “We are not friends against someone, and everything, whether it’s the integration of the enterprises or enterprises of political, aimed at the development of good neighborly and mutually beneficial relations. In some alliances against Russia will not participate,” – said Peskov.

The representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on the opening of the Russian-Chinese topconsulting Pompeo said otherwise: “it’s not just aggressive rhetoric, backed up by equally aggressive actions, but now is an attempt to provoke a clash in the public sphere of Russia and China. This, I can assure you, they will not work”.

Economist Anton Lubich called Pompeo’s speech declaring the cold war to China. In his view, Yorba Linda rises in line with the town of Fulton, Missouri where Winston Churchill in March 1946 announced the beginning of the cold war. In addition, the expert did not rule out that now Russia and China have a chance to switch roles in the game in 1971, started by Richard Nixon.

Senior researcher, Institute of Far Eastern studies expert of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Vasily Kashin called the speech Pompeo, strictly speaking, not the first announcement of the Cold war. Prior to that, with the same speeches were made by Vice-President Mike Pence. Also to make changes in U.S. strategic documents in which China as the enemy “put on a par with Russia.”

“However, this speech Pompeo surpasses all previous the degree of intensity. She uttered amid the scandal with the closure of the consulates. And she says that everything returned to its natural state. Now China took the place of the main enemy of the USA”, – said Cashin newspaper VIEW. Moreover, this day must be coming early, but because of the Crimean events, the United States continued to focus his attention on Russia, so Beijing got a strategic break, said the analyst. “The domestic policy of the United States has developed in such a way that both the Republicans and Democrats became profitable to demonize China. Russia out of the focus of attention, that does not mean that our relationship will go on improving,” – said Cashin.

However, the outcome of a new cold war is unpredictable, because it is thabout China in all respects, except in nuclear weapons, stronger than was the Soviet Union at the beginning of the confrontation with the United States.

“But the United States is engulfed in a severe economic, humanitarian and political crisis. It is not clear how they will get out of it. Therefore, for Washington the starting conditions of a new cold war much worse than they were at the beginning of the previous” – said the source.

According to the expert, modern China is a country with a different potential and from the broader international relations than the Soviet Union of the 50s. “China has established a partnership with Russia, which is itself a great power”, – said Cashin.

The General Director of the Russian international Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov does not exclude that in the White house really want to repeat geopolitical combination of President Nixon and Secretary of state Henry Kissinger, in the early 70-ies supported the Beijing to fight the USSR.

“But to pull off a similar scheme with Russia now fail. Relations between Moscow and Beijing are close to a military-political Alliance. For example, Russia recently shared with China technology distant early warning systems of nuclear fall”, – said Fyodor Lukyanov.

According to him, Washington can offer Moscow’s nothing more valuable than our cooperation with China.

“the Factors that unite Moscow and Beijing outweighs any possible symbolic Washington “carrots”

– said the source. And in General: at Moscow to join the Alliance against China, Pompeo immediately requires the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions, said the analyst, therefore, these statements “more rhetoric”. “The President of the United States Donald trump no trump card for bargaining with Moscow. The relationship is so bad that only Moscow could theoretically benefit from a more balanced approach to the relationship in the triangle USA – Russia – China”, – said Fyodor Lukyanov.

Meanwhile, most of China without unnecessary diplomacy answered “Fulton” speech of Secretary of state. “Pompeo made malicious attacks against the Communist party of China and the social system of our country. His statements are devoid of any compelling reason, it is an absolute distortion of the facts,” said foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. According to him, Beijing has no intentions to change the United States, which “also will not be able to change China”.

Later a statement was made by his boss, foreign Minister Wang Yi “China will not dance to the US tune and will not tolerate the irresponsible actions of the American side, – quotes the Minister TASS. – That Chinese-American relations are deteriorating, to blame only the United States. They are committed irrevocably to stop the process developedia China and all possible do not stop, even the most vile measures.”

As for the Alliance, which is trying to put together in Washington, that “none of the normal self-government will not follow their call,” said the Minister. Wang recalled that China remained committed to a constructive dialogue with the United States: “We stand for mutually beneficial cooperation and will vigorously defend its sovereignty, to defend national pride.”