MOSCOW, may 13 — RIA Novosti. Roszdravnadzor suspended the circulation in Russia of ventilators “Aventa-M”, released the Ural instrument-making plant with effect from 1 April.

These ventilation used in the city clinical hospital named after S. I. Spasokukotskogo in Moscow and St George in St. Petersburg,, where 9 and may 12, the accident occurred.

In the first case, killed one patient in the second five.

After that, the mother decided to check the security of the ventilator used in these hospitals.

the Test was conducted and the specialists of the Ural instrument-making plant. As stated in the concern KRET, devices under the brand name “Aventa” is delivered in hospital in 2012, they were tested under high load and complaints about their security was not.

in addition, the party apparatus “Aventa-M” Russia sent to the United States. They got a warehouse in new York, and new Jersey, where the predicted acute shortage.

However, after the situation with coronavirus stabilized, the devices were not in demand, and now they are removed from the warehouses.