Rosoboronexport showed foreign customers on the range “Staratel” in Nizhny Tagil unique heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A in action. This formidable weapon is the development of the world-famous Russian jet systems of volley fire “Grad”, “Smerch”, “Tornado”. Aliens showed what they are capable of TOS-1A.

Russia in the development and production of heavy flamethrower systems monopoly. This technique is not performed anywhere except in Russia. An important advantage of this weapon is a proven combat effectiveness when fighting with terrorists in Syria. As the General Director of Rosoboronexport Alexander Mikheev, the TOS-1A “is consistently in the TOP 5” of weapons purchased by foreign countries for the army.

Here is just one of the characteristics of TOS-1A: full salvo duration is only a few seconds could destroy all life in the area of 40 thousand square meters. For comparison, this area roughly semm standard football fields.

TOS-1A on the ground struck all the targets with different ranges.

the purpose of the TOS-1A to support the troops directly on the battlefield, that is to destroy all the firepower of the enemy on a small range. For attacks at a range of 100 kilometers and more we have a reactive system of volley fire “Tornado-C”.

TOS-1A on tank chassis other valuable characteristics. For example, it can deal a scathing attack on the minimum distance of 600 metres. Its maximum range is 6 kilometers. This system is in the best position to carry out combat missions at the forefront in a very short period of time, while remaining virtually invulnerable. It operates in the combat formations of troops and allows to minimize time on target information.

the Crew can quickly move to the firing position and to work in the area of direct fire contact with the enemy.

Fighting machine BM-1 has 24 tracks for launching unguided rockets caliber 220 mm.