Russia has restricted the export of medical devices before June 1

Export is suspended until 1 June 2020. The ban was imposed as an emergency measure to prevent artificial shortage of medical products in terms of growth in the world in the incidence of coronavirus infection.

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According to the Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, the restrictions necessary in the best interests of the citizens to prevent speculation medical products abroad, on the background of the fight against coronavirus.

“it is Necessary to prevent so-called “artificial scarcity” of certain medical devices – masks, respirators, antiviral drugs, that the speculators can go abroad”, – he said. The Minister said that “the ban does not apply to the export of such products for international humanitarian aid to foreign countries, including China.”

According to the Center for international trade, the main consumers of Russian goods to CIS countries, which last year purchased medical supplies in the amount of 163,5 million dollars, which is 12.8% greater than the year before. But exports to China just minor. On the contrary, China has always been one of the main suppliers of personal protective equipment in Russia, and now we have to limit its own capacities.

“due to the outbreak of the coronavirus we have nowhere to import, therefore, we expect their capabilities. But personal protective equipment are not produced in large volumes, so when all the polls start to wear masks, we cannot afford to export these products. You need to understand that you have already started the speculation with pricesAMI, therefore, important in the future to prevent it. The ban on exports – it is a reasonable measure,” – said Stanislav Goldberg, an expert of the industry Committee “SUPPORT of Russia”, Vice-President of the Moscow Association of small enterprises – manufacturers of medical equipment “of Amedica”.

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Today is a day in Russia produced a million and a half of medical masks. However, in the context of increased demand that was not enough.


Penza Doctors of many clinics switched to gauze bandages, sew yourself. Workers of the regional hospital. N. N. Burdenko explained that sew masks of gauze because of the economy. Requires five masks to replace, to change them in two hours. At home they are washed and ironed both sides, and again to go on duty in the hospital. “Everyone can afford to sew seven-layer mask and twice a day it iron iron, which is equivalent to the masks that we buy in pharmacies,” said Minister of health region Alexander Nikishin. Behind him, the head of the Ministry of trade Mikhail Torgashin also remembered how in the Soviet time in the classroom was making a mask out of gauze.

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India, the world’s largest market for generic drugs, introduces restrictions on the sale abroad of a number of medicines, as well as 25 active pharmaceutical ingredients. The list includes all known paracetamol, antibiotic metronidazole, as well as ingredients for the production of vitamins B1, B6 and B12. About the new rules announced by the General Directorate of foreign trade of India. “Exports of such ingredients and preparations from this point on limited to, changes take effect immediately until further orders”, – stated in the message Department. Under the new rules hit as tinidazol, aciclovir, progesterone, chloramphenicol, Ornidazole, drugs of chloramphenicol, salt of clindamycin, and neomycin.

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Local media have linked this change with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. These measures supposedly designed to reduce the possible shortage of drugs and components in the domestic Indian market. It is also noted that the India pharmaceutical industry receives about two thirds of the chemical components from China, where, as you know, due to the epidemiological situation, many factories were closed. This circumstance has reduced the supply of components to India, which in turn formed the legitimate concerns about the reality of shortages of antivirals in the coming months.


Director General of the world health organization (who) tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus:

“around the world died in about 3.4% of all reported cases COVID-19. For comparison, seasonal flu usually kills much less than 1% infected.”