the year 2021 the size of pension of Russians will diminish. It is provided by the Ministry of labor developed the bill “About the expected period of payment of pension for 2021”.

Under the bill, the period of calculation for the calculation of the cumulative part of the pension is proposed to be increased from 258 to 264 months, or from 21.5 to 22 years. At this time would be to share the whole amount of savings, which will be paid from the moment of reaching the retirement age.

As told in the Ministry “Izvestia”, the draft law was developed on the basis of Rosstat data that has increased life expectancy. The Ministry also stressed that to remain without a funded pension Russians are not threatened – they can pick it up at a time or pass by inheritance.

it is Noted that the initiative of the Ministry of labor in the state Duma are ready to support only “United Russia”.

Previously funded part of pension is proposed to delete from the system of mandatory pension insurance (OPS). With this idea in March was made by the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR). As explained in FITUR, for different pensions have different system of payments, in fact, it turns out that the moratorium on pension savings will become permanent.

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