Key total APR: COVID-19 is unlikely to lead to the lifting or easing of sanctions. Moreover, the epidemic creates risks of new restrictions.The voices about the necessity of easing were distributed from various sites. Following the UN Secretary General called to them, the special Rapporteur on the negative impact of sanctions on human rights, special Rapporteur on the right to food and the UN high Commissioner for human rights. A similar Declaration made by the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy.It has been made and practical steps. The US Treasury is the most important regulator of sanctions — published in April a list of humanitarian exemptions to the limitations and gave the business some concessions in the financial statements. In the direction of Iran have earned a long-awaited payment arrangements on humanitarian operations. Swiss humanitarian a trading mechanism (SHTA) was launched before the epidemic with the support of the United States. Equally timely was the European INSTEX.However, experts have criticized the humanitarian exemption as modest. Iran has asked the IMF loan of $5 billion to fight COVID-19, suggesting the use of SHTA and INSTEX. Not the fact that the idea will find support in Washington. Here may be indicated the limits of the generosity of the exceptions, as well as differences between the US and EU sanctions against Iran.Russia has the least chance for leniency. A group of European Parliament deputies have already hastened to write a letter to the European Commission calling for sanctions against Russia not to cancel. Fortunately, she’s at the mercy of the EU and the United States doesn’t need, providing itself with all necessary. But the Russian example shows that COVID-19 does not negate the political problems that led to sanctions and countermeasures. So, they will be saved. Timid calls humanist immediately blocked the confident voices of cynics and realists.However, the danger has been in the other direction. In the US there are growing accusations against China in connection with the distribution of COVID-19. China is accused of deliberate concealment of information, censorship or distortion of facts and failure to inform the who and the international community. According to the Americans, this has led to the loss of several weeks during which the epidemic is out of control and has brought huge losses.Calls to punish China is rapidly increasing. The confrontation between “Communist China” becomes the key narrative of the campaign of the Republicans. Likely, the Democrats will follow suit in order not to lose political points on the basis of “softness” in relation to China.In Congress there was already a bill on sanctions against China in connection with COVID-19. Republican Senator Ted Cruz proposes to oblige the U.S. President to compile a list of officials of the PRC, the perpetrators of the coverup and censorship. With the subsequent freezing their AKtivov and visa restrictions. While it is quite harmless option.But Republicans are likely to call for new sanctions, and President Donald trump may impose them by decree, without waiting for Congress.Support his position in court. And if the complaints of citizens and public organizations can be regarded as particular, the claim of the Missouri from the face of the state attorney General against the Chinese authorities — already more than a serious bid.Most likely, this will go through and other States. In the end, the anti-China campaign can turn into a self-sustaining system, to stop which will be extremely difficult. In turn, it intensifies the contradictions between Beijing and Washington in other areas. To exchange large-scale sanctions so far away. But if such a war starts between the two economic giants, will feel the consequences everyone.