Russia confirmed its participation in the OPEC meeting+ April 9

it is Expected that the negotiations will be held via videoconference, in addition to OPEC+ will involve USA, UK, Canada, Norway and Brazil.

Brent crude rose above 34 dollars a barrel

Originally the meeting was scheduled to be held on 6 April but it was postponed for a number of reasons. Among them was called, as the positions of Moscow and Riyadh, and the uncertainty of the U.S. position regarding the reduction of oil production by their manufacturers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on April 3 said the need in terms of overproduction of oil on the world market collectively reduce production by 10 million barrels a day. Minister of energy Alexander Novak at the meeting noted that the office expected in the near future deterioration of the situation on the oil market. The decline in oil demand is estimated by different experts from 15 to 25 million barrels a day.

the US President Donald trump, in turn, did not rule out the participation of his country in reducing oil production, noting separately that the decrease in the production of “black gold” in the United States has already occurred for economic reasons.