Before the reform, in 2015 the Russian air force was a separate Armed forces, which is nice, without exaggeration, a heroic story. Military aircraft have started to emerge in the first decade of the twentieth century, when the greatest scientist, the father of aerodynamics as a science.GN E. Zhukovsky created the aerodynamic Institute in Kuchino near Moscow. But the officially recognized birthday of the air force – August 12, 1912: the day major General M. I. Shushkevich took under his control all the units organized by the time of the Ballooning part of the General staff. At the time of the Imperial air Navy, established in 1910, already mastered the sky.

a major test for the army and the entire Russian nation became involved in the First world war, where it fought heroically and our combat pilots. At first planes were used for reconnaissance and correction of artillery fire. But soon they were used for bombing the enemy. With the advent of fighters entered into practice dogfights. Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov, famous aerobatics “loop the loop”, the first in the world made air RAM.

the successor to the Imperial military air fleet of Russia became the workers and peasants Red air fleet, later converted into Military-air forces of the red army, and then to the air force of the Armed forces of the USSR. This path had to overcome in a difficult political and economic conditions. It was necessary to compete in the world – in proportion to the progress in science and technology have developed the world’s military aircraft. And our country with such a responsible task handled: we always, even in the most difficult times were at the forefront of this process. In the Soviet years on the horizon of the global aviation industry ignited such “stars” as N. N. Polikarpov, A. N. Tupolev, P. O. Sukhoi and A. S. Yakovlev, S. A. Lavochkin, Ilyushin, V. M. Petlyakov, A. I. Mikoyan and M. I. Gurevich. Was built by the famous aviation industry enterprise and the design Bureau for development which hunted the world’s intelligence agencies. High flying school did not lag behind in the preparation of decent pilots to operate such complex machinery.

the Great Patriotic war became the most hard and cruel, but at the same time, and the most heroic “testing ground” for our pilots. Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub, Alexander Pokryshkin, Nikolai Dmitrievich Gulaev, Gregory A. Rechkalov, Vitaly Ivanovich Popkov, Nikolai Mikhailovich Skomorokhov – the names of these experts the whole world knows.

Knows and Alexei Petrovich maresiev, who, being severely wounded, eighteen days was crawling his way through the forests and across the marshes to his. He lost his leg, but later returned to the air system on the Protezah. Knows and Nikolai Frantsevich Gastello committed fiery battering RAM. All of these legendary pilots are the heritage not only of Soviet, but of world military aircraft. They wanted to be like the boys of many generations. They took the example, their exploits were inspired by.

The flight school never covered the “people’s path” students. Never, even in the crisis years, when many civil departments have become not prestigious and does not demand economic and other utilitarian considerations, flight universities have not experienced a shortfall.

The pilots are today. Every year the number of applicants Krasnodar higher military aviation school of pilots and the air force Academy named after Professor N. E. Zhukovsky and Y. A. Gagarin and its two branches in Syzran and Chelyabinsk (in these universities train the best pilots and aircraft) more than a few thousand. More than 5 thousand students are this year. What is the secret? Since the first take-off combat aircraft of the Russian air force was more than a century. Our country has experienced many upheavals, has turned from Russia to the USSR, then back to Russia. Varied forms of government and political system, national ideology and political vectors. But throughout this time the glory of our military aviation never waned and only grew stronger. This explains the incredible pride that covers the guys and calling in the sky. The romance of a profession is clear to everyone who it belongs to. However, military aviation is, first and foremost, a huge responsibility, tremendous daily work, largely routine, sometimes completely mundane. But without this it is impossible to protect the homeland with the most vulnerable and permeable frontier – air.

In 2015 through the merger of the Military-air forces and aerospace defense formed a new kind of Armed forces – aerospace force. The air force currently does not, and the kind of troops, the role and value of which every year only increases. For anybody not a secret that modern wars are starting to be in the air. And the determining factor among other factors is air supremacy, which is achieved not by the number and quality of aircraft and skill of its pilots. Of course, I do not want such a joyful day to talk about negative things. But international tension continues, the threat of war in the realities of the 21st century cannot be deleted and discarded.

the Russian air force today are storm unfriendly countries and forces. In the counter-terrorist operation in Syria, our aircraft and pilots proved themselves in the best way, is allowed to release requested our assistance Arab Republic from the captured terroristx gangs. But I cannot stop here, therefore, the development and improvement of Russian military aviation, happens all the time.

More than 100 new aircraft and helicopters annually by the air force of Russia – this is without the upgraded models. Today’s military fleet is comprised of thousands of modern, high-tech combat aircraft and helicopters. It’s hard to say what or who is more famous for the Russian air force: equipment or pilots. I think the correct and more truthful just to say that the winged cars and their pilots and navigators to become each other. And this is understandable: after all, the modern enterprise of aviation industry and advanced flying schools are worthy successors of the best traditions founded in the Soviet years.

In this wonderful day I want to congratulate all of our countrymen, and above all pilots and veterans of the Russian air force, and not only them. Our success in the skies is the work of many professionals who work here on earth. So congratulations go also to the engineers, designers, technicians and aircraft mechanics, all the staff of aviation companies, meteorologists, dispatchers, instructors, lecturers of specialized universities. I wish you good health, inexhaustible strength and energy, a peaceful sky over your head and also success in your work for the benefit of Russia!