Russia accused Ukraine of blasphemy

The position of Ukraine on the Russia-proposed resolution of the UN General Assembly to stop in pandemic conditions to remove the economic sanctions against some developing countries. This is stated in Thursday’s comments by Russia’s permanent mission in response to the reaction of Ukraine to the Russian draft resolution.

"the brave Ukrainian fighters with reality doesn’t bother their blasphemous position that undermines one of the possible directions of international cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, from which the spirit of the provisions contained in the draft resolution, the General Assembly, would win a potential victim of the pandemic, especially in developing countries in a vulnerable position, to which it is primarily directed, – said the Russian Embassy.

I’d Like to remind you that the call for the lifting of coercive economic measures, limiting the possibility of pandemic, were directed specifically at developing countries, to which our Ukrainian colleagues, apparently, no case".

There is also pointed out that the call by the UN General Assembly to review the economic restrictions due to coronavirus were not unilateral measures against Moscow. "For anti-Russian sanctions, we ask our colleagues not to worry. Reminder: we are not discussing the illegal us imposed restrictions, with no one traded and one not beg them to remove", – emphasized in the comments.

"Our Ukrainian colleagues was not to their liking is a call to act in the spirit of good neighbourliness, which, they say, is irrelevant from the "aggressor", whom the Ukrainian propaganda aggressively and in disregard of facts and common sense is trying to put Russia", – said at the permanent representation.

Previously, it noted that the refusal of a number of countries, including Ukraine, Georgia, UK, USA and EU States to support the Russian proposal for the easing of unilateral sanctions will complicate the General struggle against the pandemic coronavirus.