the Russian Embassy in the USA reported coming to the diplomats of the threats from the fake media. We are talking about the article in “the new York times”, claiming that Moscow allegedly funded Islamic militants in Afghanistan in exchange for the murder of American servicemen.

Citing unnamed representatives of the American intelligence, the newspaper The New York Times claims that Russian military intelligence allegedly offered bonuses to fighters for attacks on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

the Publication accuses Moscow’s “hybrid war” and attempts to undermine US policy at that time as Washington tries to find ways to break out of years of war, making peace with the Taliban (the Taliban is a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

the Exact details were not disclosed, but according to The New York Times, the information was partially obtained from interrogations of captured Afghan fighters (one more source of information!).

Without conclusive evidence it is argued that though there were cases when the compensation is actually paid, although the publication does not specify the American military stationed in Afghanistan and the militants killed allegedly as a result of payments of the Russian fees.

it is Also alleged that payments were made not only for attacks on U.S. and British troops in Afghanistan.

Sources in the American intelligence agencies claim that this involved the same unit, which allegedly is relevant to the scandalous poisoning in British Salisbury.

Hard to say, against whom are primarily focused publication in the “new York times” – against Russia or against Donald trump.

the article States that the President trump was informed about the actions of Russia a few months ago, but the US has not taken any obvious action.

If you consider that “love” that exists between this edition and President of the trump, it is easy to assume that the “new York times” primarily an effort by the White house, preparing to fight for a second term. And clear against whom the story is about how bad Russian pay militants for the murder of American boys, and President of the trump known about this for a few months, but not doing anything. Fits nicely in the context of the accusations of political opponents, calling trump’s almost a “puppet” of Moscow.

But, of course, the publication hurts the image of Russia – and not just the image. Referring to the editorial “new York times”, the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States urged: “Stop creating “fake” news that provoke life-threatening”.

we are talking about the emergence of social networks after publication of threats to our diplomats.

the Embassy demanded from the authorities of the United States “to take effective measures to uphold and implement their international obligations under the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations of 1961”.

Accusations of Russia in the secret support of the Afghan Taliban do not sound the first time – and not only in the television series “homeland.” Not so long ago, influential group of congressional Republicans issued a report demanding possible to toughen anti-Russian sanctions. In this document Russia among other “sins” were accused of supporting the Taliban (the terrorist organization, recall, banned in Russia). In particular, Recalling the words of an anonymous American General, the report argued that “the Russians in Afghanistan, arming the Taliban”.

Earlier, the us military also accused Russia of providing material support to the Taliban and undermining US efforts to stabilize the region. “Obviously, they act to undermine our interests,” – said in 2018, then us commander in Afghanistan General John Nicholson.