We are at all this beauty do not pay attention, because – the. Here, I used to look at someone else’s sea and admire power. The sea is very beautiful – who can argue? But our usual fields – the incredible power and beauty.

I thought about this when my wife and I went on a journey by car: Sergiyev Posad, Suzdal, Vladimir. I’ll be honest: be open borders, it is unlikely we gathered. And not because it is uninteresting, but because I think always: plenty of time yet, take a trip. And then drove off.

On a good road, which is important. I must say that the main highway connecting these cities, European level. You can admire the landscape, because nothing diverts. However, the farther away from the highway leaving the road worse. But still mostly – it’s still a road, not a direction. Almost any gas station you can go to the net – stress, clean a toilet, coffee and snacks. The road is not overcoming obstacles, and comfortable journey.

the Main attraction on this trip – temples. A lot of them in all cities and they are beautiful and in many ways mysterious.

to get to the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, you have time to walk: first to walk across the bridge over the railroad tracks, and then a field for twenty minutes. There is a belief that if we go around the Church three times will come true any wish. And I believe it. Because this Church is tiny and very mysterious, I would say, alive. And while my wife was doing rounds I found myself on the mystical desire to talk to these walls. They seemed unable to talk about something very important, maybe the most important. Church of the Intercession on the Nerl – the temple, which want to communicate.

In this trip you visit these different, but very beautiful, interesting and in its own mysterious temples was certainly the most impressive.

We are not surprised that some people we like, and some don’t. But exactly the same happens with the cities, which are also alive, and some sympathy, and some don’t.

Sergiev Posad and Suzdal especially seem to be very tidy and neat. My wife is very accurate to say that Suzdal is a city-box: clean, tidy, straight and I want to say cute. In Suzdal has no railway station, but getting here is easy: to Vladimir go fast “Peregrine”, and then half an hour by bus or taxi.

Vladimir so many beautiful temples and sights, but he left us with a sense of disorder, I wanted him to wash. Only in Vladimir, we were stuck on the street some strange people. And only in Vladimir, we were served cold fries – a unique dish of Vladimir cuisine.

something to hide: I like to eat in any room I get a my stomach, and after him I go. Now in Suzdal and Sergiev Posad – KLassen restaurants for every taste and budget. A lot of establishments where the prices are quite comparable with Moscow, but if you know you can find cheaper. Delicious everywhere.

Real Russian cuisine, I tell you, it’s incredible. As Russian liqueurs. Like Russian tea. I tried the food that’s in Moscow, never, and, remembering them, still swallowing.

In Sergiev Posad we lived in a small boutique hotel has just eight rooms, where you are met by a wonderful hostess, holds a small and very interesting tour of the historic building. And she takes the morning a delicious and abundant Breakfast. In Suzdal is a huge complex that is more similar to sanatorium. The buffet itself is quite high quality. It’s quiet, cozy and comfortable. Wonderful!

In Vladimir – again! – four-star hotel barely pulled a couple of stars. Comfort was not. But maybe we were just unlucky.

that is categorically not enough for these trips, so it’s the smiles of the people that carry out service. The Russian waiter is a proud man. Most often, taking the order, he’s doing you a favor. Nothing to complain about: everything is done correctly and officially. The man who in a hotel or in the restaurant or the Museum smiled at you, and even talk, is perceived as extremely rare. As a rule, very tired, but because of unsmiling people, which make a tough case. Asphalt roads, to wash the town, discover quality restaurants and hotels is easier than to teach people to high-quality service.

But overall, this trip left a feeling, if you will, delight. Has opened to us a world that lies a few hours by car on a good road. The world is mysterious, interesting and at the same time – is own.

In Sergiev Posad we went to Laura and thought that it is a treasure. As Suzdal. The city, which attracts people from all over the world, and so here we are, and we are well and we can go into these temples, to venerate the relics, and then go to a nice restaurant and relax in the hotel where we are welcomed.

It was to some extent the opening of their country. The discovery, which will not be forgotten.

Sergiev Posad – Suzdal – Vladimir