A man discovers that his best friend is having an affair with a married colleague. Now he is thinking about telling his wife the truth.

They have been friends for a long time: a woman (41) and her best friend (42), who have known each other since their student days and have experienced a lot together, but whose relationship has always remained platonic. The man is now married himself and his girlfriend is his son’s godmother. And now, according to the Sun, he is in a conflict of conscience.

Because his girlfriend is having an affair with a married colleague. The two meet in shady hotels, and after sex the lover immediately returns to his wife, the man says. He is angry and believes that she is being manipulated by her married lover. He thinks about telling his wife the truth.

“She makes you angry, runs around like a lovesick puppy while the poor man’s wife doesn’t notice,” the man says.

He is worried about his girlfriend, afraid that she will be taken advantage of and also feels sorry for his wife. The lover kept making excuses to put her off, such as a bad cold or suspected appendicitis.

Despite these obvious excuses, the wife believed her husband’s promises and excuses. “I look after her and am always there to pick up the pieces of her last relationship,” complains the friend.

He now desperately seeks advice from a relationship expert. She advises him not to get involved in the affair, as he could destroy a marriage and jeopardize his friendship with his girlfriend. Instead, he should try to have an open conversation with his girlfriend and share his concerns with her. Ultimately, she has to make her own decisions.

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