Running on the Network

Said: “Fitness clubs are closed, and traffic’s making me crazy”. Invented to run to the entrance of the stairs. Checked with the schedule of disinfection that is hanging on the first floor and opens onto a stair run immediately after it. The system is this: two flights up, one down. Ran from the first to the twelfth, waved his arms and legs at the elevators and again to the first. Three of the “circle” takes 45 minutes of time and efficiency, if you believe the fitness band equal to the occupation time on the treadmill. So, without violating the regime of self-isolation, gets regular normal activities.

But running on the porch not suitable for everyone. For example, mothers with young children who have no one to leave, is unlikely to enjoy such classes. “But mom can do a simple exercise, using children as extra weight, says fitness instructor Roman Carotene. – With babies in their hands well to make turns of the body, muscles of abdomen and back. Two, three years old can be planted on the leg and do a shallow Mahi and mom well frighten legs, and the child has fun”. Another effective exercise – push-UPS with the baby on the back. “And it’s great if you have the opportunity to do these exercises on the balcony or at least with an open window, especially because environmentalists say: because of the isolation the air in Moscow has become much cleaner,” says Roman.

He also advises to get from the mezzanine forgotten jump ropes, hoops, balls, and bands – everything that could be used for outdoor classes. Hard work is not necessary, simply 5-10 minutes and repeat a couple of times during the day and need the energy boost will be obtained. “Even five minutes of such sessions per day will help you survive the “break-up” from the lack of the usual activity,” says fitness instructor.

And what about pensioners, many participants of the project “Moscow longevity”, which is also suspended for the duration of the quarantine? Them on the porch to run inconvenient, and difficult to deal with yourself. Meanwhile, a leading sports coach “Moscow longevity” Valentine Eichmann says: “it is important for those involved in sports activities, not to drop the class and continue to train at home. Hiking can be temporarily replaced by a daily home exercise. Such exercises will help to stretch your muscles and to compensate for the lack of physical activity. The main thing – to choose a comfortable pace and the classroom”.

Choose, by the way, there are plenty. In all networks there accounts, “Moscow longevity” and posted a set of exercises on articular gymnastics and gymnastics “Healthy back”. You can even find exercises for the fingers – its posted in the social network the teacher of the Moscow Polytechnical University Elena Guseva. “The movement of the fingers actively influence to��have brain, developing the centers, which are responsible for all cognitive functions: perception, attention, memory, thinking, speech. And besides, finger exercises tones and improves mood,” said the author. She advises grandparents to engage in such gymnastics with your grandchildren – before they sit down to do homework. Use, Guseva adds, is mutual.

Those who are bored day in and day to repeat the exercise for one mentor, you can look to the neighbors on “Active ageing”. This is a similar program for pensioners of the Moscow region, but because the Internet knows no boundaries. “Active longevity” on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.00, hold online training, which leads each time a different coach, but they are all among the famous athletes. Will agree to do tilts or turns with marathon runner Dmitry Yerokhin, skier Larissa Lazutina or figure skater Irina Rodnina is much more interesting. To connect to the class, you can by signing up for an account @gdsport in the social network Instagram. Please note: all training this resource is designed for the older generation, they provide needed energy boost, but it spares the joints and take into account the health status of retirees.

And for those who are still very sad because of the forced isolation and lack of fresh air, we are advised to find on YouTube channel Muscovite Maya Tabachnikova. Maya Saulovna 90 years, she was active participant of the “Moscow longevity” and the city club “My social center” in the area of Transfiguration. Before the quarantine went swimming and Nordic walking, and after started a YouTube channel where talks about how not to get discouraged within the four walls.

“Optimists live longer!” – sure Maya Saulovna.