But all employees necessarily pass the test on COVID-19 every few days.

Krupneyshie Russian banks began to return employees udalenke, told their representatives to “Izvestia”. From 20 to 50% of the staff of head offices of credit institutions already working full-time. To prevent new outbreaks COVID-19, financial institutions are using high-tech products that monitor health status and staff contacts. If the employee does not submit time tests for the virus or gets a positive result, he can’t get into the office. Computer and mobile applications will see a specialist during working hours behind the monitor.

Sberbank returned to the office 30% employees and 70% of executives reported in the press service. All personnel working full-time, the credit institution is free to sign up for COVID-19, to be tested every three four day. Their validity period — a week, and if the employee is paid the late charges, you will not be able to get to the office as the permit will be blocked, said the Bank.

At Sberbank there is an internal mobile application through which an employee may enroll in the procedure. It allows you to select a convenient time and location tests can be taken at the point closest to the office.

the agricultural Bank also plans to use the monitoring system, which will block the entrance to the building staff with a high fever and other symptoms of the coronavirus. The intention is to apply high-tech solutions have ICD — he studies the quotations. Gazprombank also controls the access of employees to premises, if necessary, to use data to define the contacts.

Banks return staffing for office mode gradually. VTB, now it is 20% of the staff, from FK “Opening” — 30% ICB, 50%, reported their representatives. Citibank and VTB stressed that the output from the remote operation occurs in stages.

However, some Bank staff will remain on remote, even when their colleagues return to the office. ICD plans to resume the usual mode of operation in September, but is considering the transfer on a permanent remote work part of the unit, said personnel Director Alain Ephraim.

Gazprombank will massively withdraw workers in offices after vaccination COVID-19, was reported at the press service. But some of them will remain in remote mode, or will go on a flexible schedule. In AK the leopard is the pilot for telecommuting employees backing support. FK “Opening” and PSB also consider remote for some staff, primarily those who are not associated with customer service.

depending on their size, banks will save on remote 100��500 million rubles a year, said the chief analyst of “ALOR Broker” Alexey Antonov.

Bank “freedom Finance” has not felt the ancillary benefits of the transferring employees to distant format, said its Chairman, Gennady Salic.

Change the employment contract when translated into udalenku allowed only by agreement of the parties, recalled the lawyer Bureau “of Bichenov and partners” Angelique Reshetnikova. Unilaterally worsen the terms of prohibited by the labor legislation, and the court in most cases took the side of the employee, she added.

Four months since the beginning of the spread COVID-19 outside of China, had “the big four” firms-consultants to develop products that help to organize the work of staff remotely and return the workers in offices.

Deloitte in the CIS is preparing a tool COVID Monitor 2020, which accumulates information about the pandemic and its impact on the economy. The data is taken from official sources, think-tanks and most Deloitte. KPMG testing in the UK and US app that reduces the risk of mass infection with a virus, said the group partner, strategy & operations consulting company in Russia and the CIS Marianna Korneeva. In particular, it monitors the readiness of workplaces and access to them. According to EY partner Catherine Ukhov, the company has a product that helps to determine the optimal number of employees for the “first wave” output taking into account both business needs and preferences of employees.

there were, however, without its oddities. PwC put on the market a product that allows the employer to check both the sitting by an employee on remote, the monitor in hours or somewhere walks. How to write the Western media, this tool allows for even spacing when the worker is away from the computer to the toilet, which is contrary to the law on privacy. PwC failed to promptly provide a comment “news”.

the Employer has no right to transfer employee data to a third party without his written consent, except when necessary to prevent a threat to life and health of the worker, and in the cases provided TK or other Federal laws, said the representative of the Ministry of labor.

But the Labour code allows to be added to the contract additional terms, allowing the Bank to terminate the contract, for example, due non-employee communication or the lack of the monitor.

Tatiana Bochkareva