Soviet and Russian pop singer Valentine Legkostupova was incredibly popular in the late 80’s. Her track “Berry-raspberry” sound absolutely everywhere. Every month she had about 120 concerts. Reached the fact that on the day Valentina had three events. But soon the actress abruptly left the scene. She was no longer invited to the esters, transmission and radio. What happened?

Expert of the media Commission of the Public chamber of Russia and in combination with each vocalist Vadim Manukyan said that Valentina became a victim of the machinations of envious.

“She was one of those whose creative life was interrupted due to some intrigue,” said the man.

Vadim added that the artist of this fact was not concealed and was thinking about it in every interview. However, concrete names, who was involved in her care, did not call.

But the public knows what it was about Alla Pugacheva. It their intrigues destroyed the popularity of colleagues. Images of Old and Michael Muromov did not hesitate to accuse the Diva, but Valentina could not. The girl couldn’t stand dirty linen in public, considers it a waste of time. However, she suffered his departure from the stage very hard.

We will remind that Valentina Legkostupova died in a Moscow hospital on August 14.