Music producer Yana Rudkovskaya told about the health of his son Alexander Plushenko. According to her, the speculation and rumors that her heir mental problems – “nonsense.” Yana is preparing to file a lawsuit against the person of the son.

Alexander Plushenko with a childhood surrounded by fame and popularity. The boy was born in the family of producer Yana Rudkovskaya and figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko. At little Sasha, and the boy is only 7 years old, have an account in Instagram, fans and millions of contracts with well-known brands.

Star parents of a son to do a star since early childhood. Meanwhile, well-wishers and envious of the famous family regularly talk in the media about the strangeness in the behavior of “Gnome of Genomica” (as Sasha calls the parents and fans).

on the Eve of the Network for a matter of hours it became known that the heir Rudkovskaya seriously ill. As suggested by journalists, citing acquaintances of the family, Plushenko Jr. Asperger’s syndrome. In short, it is a violation of mental development, which is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction. The diagnosis is somewhat similar to autism.

“MK” contacted the Yana Rudkovskaya, that she, as a mother, explained what the reason for such sharp remarks about her son.

‘ I (the publication that first published the news about Sasha. – “MK”) the court serves, sharply beginning Jan. – See “Instagram” Sasha, before you write such things!

I Have a healthy child who is engaged in professional sports and 6 years of heart reads “Borodino”. You don’t see how his videos from training and games?

– How would you explain the latest news about Sasha?

– Someone not haunted by what he earns millions! What doctor said that? Blogger with a seventh grade education?.., – made Yana Rudkovskaya conversation rhetorical question.