From its beginnings up to his think-first-Wimbledon-worthy victory in 1985. The TV channel RTL is planning a Film about tennis star Boris Becker. The TV station has on 6. April announced. The Film bears the working title “The player”. As a portrait film was about Becker, was aired in 2017 in the ARD.

The actors for the roles of the parents of Becker and his Coach, Günther Bosch should already be fixed. Who is supposed to embody Becker in the Film, however, is still unclear. Actor Matthias Schweighöfer had announced in the year 2015, that he wanted to bring the life of Boris Becker on the movie screen. The project, however, is lost in the Sands.

movie about Boris Becker: casting for a main role

The TV movie about Becker moved, has to cope with due to the Corona-crisis obstacles. “The auditions for the main role have been postponed, plans interrupted. We were originally going to decide in may who is playing Boris Becker. But this is going to take yet. We all hope that the situation will change soon,” said Michael Souvignier, producer of the film, compared to the “image”.

However, Boris Becker seems to be not in the film project. Compared to the “image” said the 52-Year-old, that he had heard of the project before. “Basically, he is for this idea in the open. However, it is from a legal point of view, difficult to produce a biographical Film without him involved,” said his lawyer, Oliver Moser of the “image”. Hansi Flick praises several players with a set, he puts the Bayern bosses under pressure Omnisport Hansi Flick praises several players with a set, he puts the Bayern bosses under pressure

This article was written by Christian Albrecht Barschel

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