In the fourth episode of “The Bachelorette” (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m. on RTL), the wheat is slowly separating from the chaff. Or to put it in footballer-speak: while some men are storming forward (Umut, Lukas, Emanuell), another changes long before reaching the final: footballer Max Wilschrey (26) leaves the dating show shortly before the night of roses voluntarily.

Previously, there had been another extremely uncomfortable conversation between the two on a date: “I just don’t have the sexual desire yet,” Max explained again and again about his reluctance to get to know Sharon better, and blamed a lack of attraction.

The 30-year-old: “How do you think that gets to me?” Max recognizes so much: “I made one mistake after the other.” It was “not easy” with him, the footballer said about himself. A character assessment that Sharon seems to be an understatement: “You’re a blatant nursing case!” She was “a bit overwhelmed” by the fickle kicker, the Bachelorette freely admits.

When the 27-year-old explains to her on the night of the roses that he wants to leave the villa early (“I have a racing heart right now”), she seems almost relieved: “I think that’s the right decision,” she replies . When Max is gone, she becomes more explicit: “I’m not crying for him.”

Things are going much better with personal trainer Lukas and recruiter Emanuell. On a date, they reenact famous love story scenes with Sharon and get closer in the process. First Sharon kisses Lukas (he: “I’m super excited, butterflies, fire, everything is included!”) and then Emanuell. Only Tom, the third date candidate in the group, gets nothing. Nevertheless, the logistician has a good feeling after the meeting: “I’m one of the favourites, I think after the good conversation,” he feels confident.

Florist Jan, who got the first kiss from the bachelorette, reacts to the news with a little sourness: “There are 13 boys in there, three of them kissed, I think that’s a bit early,” he complains. He doesn’t have to worry, however, because Sharon continues to keep a close eye on the 31-year-old: “The man appeals to me,” she says about him. They secretly exchange a kiss in the villa when they briefly feel unobserved. Sharon: “I couldn’t help it. We’re on fire!”

But is that already the preliminary decision? What chances do Lukas, Emanuell and Steffen have? The bachelorette says of the 27-year-old sales representative: “Steffen is doing something to me. He’s just there. He’s good for me!” So Sharon has feelings for several men – and therefore a problem: “There are too many men for me and I think I really recognized that for the first time today,” she says. With two single men, on the other hand, the bachelorette does not feel any crackling: stripper Basti and the overzealous narrow dancer Tim J. are sent home by the 30-year-old.

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