A royal insider reports that reconciliation talks are to take place ahead of King Charles’ coronation in May 2023. But is that still possible after Prince Harry’s latest revelations in the scandalous book “Spare”?

In May 2023 there is a special event for the British monarchy: King Charles III. (74) is crowned. Prince Harry (38) with his wife Duchess Meghan (41) is also invited. But after the Sussexes’ recent attacks on the Royals, whether with their Netflix documentary or the Prince’s memoirs (“Spare”), such a meeting offers a lot of potential for conflict.

Prince William (40) and his wife Princess Kate (41) were not spared in the prince’s book either. There is talk of physical altercations between the brothers and other incidents. These revelations by Prince Harry are too much for some observers – they no longer believe that the relationship between the two brothers can ever be repaired.

But as “dailymail.co.uk” now reports, citing insiders, the royals are said to be demanding peace talks between the quarreling brothers and King Charles – before the coronation. The reason? The aim is to prevent the important ceremony from becoming a “circus”. And that could well happen if they haven’t sorted out their disagreements by then. But can such a reconciliation be forced?

A source told The Times, according to dailymail.co.uk, that the relationship is still salvageable. Both parties should approach each other and admit that they made mistakes: “It requires flexibility from both sides, but it is possible,” says the insider. During the interview, Prince Harry is said to be sitting across from his father and brother in the UK, surrounded by other family members and people he feels safe with, otherwise he could feel like he’s being “ambushed”.

Prince Harry has indicated in recent interviews about his book that he is open to conversation and reconciliation with his family. But of course he has conditions. So he demands an apology from his family to Duchess Meghan.

However, some experts do not believe in a reconciliation, especially between the two brothers. Royal insider Katie Nicholl told PageSix that William was “devastated” and “seething with anger” – and couldn’t forgive his little brother for all the things he’s written.

And it is unclear which attacks will follow, because Prince Harry is said to be planning more talk show appearances. What he reveals there should also decide whether talks with his family will take place and whether they have a chance of success.

As Prince Harry’s memoir sells record-breaking sales around the world, his family put on a good face to the bad game. True to the motto: “Never complain, never explain.” Prince William even adheres to it when a journalist addresses him directly about his brother.

Shortly after the publication of Harry’s memoirs “Spare”, criticism of the correctness of the depictions was raised. Now JR Moehringer, the prince’s ghostwriter, comments on the discrepancies.

Prince Harry does not hold back with criticism and allegations in his memoirs. In the BUNTE.de interview, a psychologist classifies what this behavior could be about.

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