After allegations of abuse against her son, Queen Elizabeth II (96) stripped Prince Andrew (62) of his titles and offices. Most recently, the royal was not allowed to take part in the public celebrations for the “Garter Days” at Windsor Castle.

According to the British media, an explicit request from Prince Charles (73) and his son Prince William (39), which the Queen followed. A spokesman for Buckingham Palace explained the absence as a “family decision”.

In any case, Prince Andrew still seems to be “not amused” about the invitation. A source told Britain’s The Sun: “He’s furious with Charles and William for stopping his plans. He doesn’t want to talk to them. Battle lines were drawn (…).”

The 62-year-old dreams of rehabilitating his reputation, the insider continues: “Andrew is dying to rebuild his life and get his title back.” Recently it was said in the British media that the Queen wanted Prince Andrew to retire to Scotland.

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The media attention to Prince Andrew last year was enormous. But not in a positive way. Because the British royal had to answer to a US court for abuse. Since then, not only has the image of the prince suffered, but also the entire Windsor family.

Surprisingly, Prince Andrew didn’t attend Garter Day after all. According to a British media report, Prince William intervened and gave the Queen an ultimatum: either he or Prince Andrew.

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