If anyone knows about the British royals, it’s him: BBC journalist Tom Bower has already written several investigative books about what was happening at the royal court. Now he explains in a column why King Charles III. should fear his youngest.

Prince Harry’s (38) drastic statements in his book “Spare” shook the British monarchy. Some insiders claimed after the release that a future reconciliation between the renegade royal and his father is out of the question. But there are also opposing views. Like that of BBC journalist Tom Bower (76). He knows the royal family very well, has written several tell-all books about them and is well connected in British society.

In his column in Britain’s Daily Mail, Bower writes that King Charles III. was open to reconciliation with his youngest son at a private dinner with his wife Camilla (75) and friends. The guests are said to have been irritated: Why doesn’t the king want to confront his son with his misconduct and not let him feel the consequences?

King Charles is said to have made it clear to his guests that he doesn’t want a fight with his younger son. Too much is at stake for him. Because he knew that Prince Harry could reveal more that simply had no place in his current book. So there is reason to fear Harry, Bower assesses the situation. This could make even more details from the life of the royals and in particular Charles’ often difficult role public.

This applies, for example, to his affair with Camilla when he was still married to Harry’s mother Princess Diana († 36). Or for the difficult relationship between Charles and his parents, the Queen († 96) and Prince Philip († 99), and the fact that he often did not give his sons Harry and William (40) the necessary after their mother’s death gave a stop.

It almost seems as if the king is afraid of his youngest son and would give in to him – for the sake of his own peace. This might also explain why, according to Harry’s memoirs, after Prince Philip’s funeral he told his sons not to make the last years of his life difficult for him.

But if, according to Tom Bower, he should really give in, admit his wrongdoing and apologize to Duchess Meghan – who lets the Sussexes get away with their attacks – he should lose a lot of popularity in the country. Bower is certain that Prince William would not agree either.

A royal insider reports that reconciliation talks are to take place ahead of King Charles’ coronation in May 2023. But is that still possible after Prince Harry’s latest revelations in the scandalous book “Spare”?

As Prince Harry’s memoir sells record-breaking sales around the world, his family put on a good face to the bad game. True to the motto: “Never complain, never explain.” Prince William even adheres to it when a journalist addresses him directly about his brother.

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