Belgian football competition, The Royal Belgian football association (belgian football association), has bondsprocureur Being Her to leave the premises. “The position of Her was already out of print, but it was due to his public Facebook-postsniet have a longer shelf life.” Wagner founded together with Beerschot, the vice-president of Walter Being in order to help those in need, but, as the belgian football association was asked questions on his independence. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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“A bondsprocureur must function independently, impartially, with discretion and integrity to carry out,” says the Royal Belgian Football association, in a press release. “The belgian football association, is of the opinion that the bondsprocureur with recenteFacebook-postsde boundaries are something to look up to, and possibly an appearance of partiality is created.As it has already repeated calls for a peaceful and discrete, a definition of the role, it was decided to make it a mandate to put an end is inevitable. The decision of the Board of Directors of the royal belgian football association, is also supported by the Pro League.”