The royal belgian football association at the meeting held yesterday, decided to, with immediate effect, the mandate of the Bondsprocureur William Wagner to end it. The mandate was already under pressure, and to the public, postings on Facebook are of Her – that he was a private initiative, with Beerschot, a director of Walter Being announced – ensuring that the position is no longer tenable was made.

“The position of the Bondsprocureur was already out of print, but it was due to the public’s Facebookposts from last week is no longer sustainable. A Bondsprocureur must function independently, impartially, with discretion and integrity to carry out. The royal belgian football association, is of the opinion that the Bondsprocureur with the latest Facebookposts in the confines of something to look up to, and possibly an appearance of bias on the part, it creates”, says the press release of the royal belgian football association.

in addition, the football association that has been repeatedly asked in a calm and refined definition of the role, but to no avail. Also, the Pro League welcomes the decision of the Board of Directors of the royal belgian football association.

now, as The belgian football association has let us know that they are in the shut-up of the competition will be a “the one and the other is closer to votes” and will have to go to a new Bondsprocureur.

Facebookpost that Wagner’s das home

The link to Beerschot, the director of the Walter Being is at the heart of the matter. Wagner put together, with the Ladies in the initiative Coronaresist on. The royal belgian football association believes that he has this bias as a bondsprocureur compromise. An explicit link with the clubbestuurder which is not in line with the code of ethics, which the football association would like to carry out.

Photo: Facebook

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