Due to gastrointestinal complaints among hikers at Spitzingsee, the Rotwandhaus is temporarily closed. The cause remains unknown.

After several cases of gastrointestinal illnesses among visitors to the Rotwandhaus near Spitzingsee in the Miesbach district, the Alpine Club hut is temporarily closed. An employee of the Munich Alpine Club section Turner-Alpen-Kränzchen said on Tuesday (28 May) when asked about the problem and is now looking for the cause. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” was the first to report on this.

According to the district office, 21 people had to be treated by the mountain rescue service because of severe gastrointestinal complaints, seven of them had to be hospitalized.

Due to the large number of cases, the Miesbach Health Department has taken measures and, among other things, ordered numerous samples to be taken. The cause of the illnesses is currently completely unclear – and with it the question of blame. The hut will remain closed for the time being purely as a precautionary measure.

The mountain hut’s website states: “Unfortunately, we have to close the Rotwandhaus from Tuesday, May 28, 2024 until Thursday, June 6, 2024.”

The first cases were reported a week ago. The house was then closed for a short time. After water samples showed no results, it was reopened. However, cases then occurred again. “Now we have said: we will close until the cause is clarified,” said the section employee. It is not yet possible to estimate how long this will take. The authorities are in contact.

When the weather is good, up to a thousand day guests visit the hut of the German Alpine Association (DAV) at a good 1,700 meters above the Spitzingsee, which belongs to the Turner-Alpen-Kränzchen section and is leased to an innkeeper. The hut is also a destination for mountain bikers and climbers who have set their sights on the nearby Ruchenköpfe. The section wrote to the other huts in the area and reported the closure so that hikers could be informed.

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