Soviet and Ukrainian pop singer Sofia Rotaru showed his mansion near Kiev. According to estimates of the Ukrainian press, its cost exceeds one million dollars, writes the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

it is Noted that the estate is surrounded by a moat, that there had not infiltrated by journalists. The apartment area is 120 square meters and plot size — 20 acres. The house itself is of irregular shape, with high ceilings and Windows. The property has a tennis court and a fireplace.

On the perimeter of the house surrounded by a fence and it is guarded by a watchman. Inside there is a guest house, a gazebo and barbecue facilities. However, the owner loves spending time in the garden and care of fruit trees.

Earlier it was reported that due to closed borders with Russia Rotaru lost tens of millions of rubles that would make money on speeches. To continue to call for corporate events, but the singer is forced to refuse everyone.