the Formula for a perfect barbecue called Rosstandart. The Ministry approved the standard for the main meat dish of the summer.

New national standard has defined the rules by which experts in laboratories will test the barbecue before it hits the shelves. Test the pork slices in the marinade will be a team – the standard is a minimum of five experts in organoleptic testing.

the Marinade in which raw meat is floating, the experts will flavor with copper sulfate. If skewers high-quality, on the transparency of the liquid dashing of the experiment will not change. If “soup” opaque, on supermarket shelves this product is not the place.

Antibiotics in pork according to the standard strictly prohibited. The pieces of meat in the perfect barbecue can be for every taste: from small (30 grams) to heavy (90 grams). Packaging experts and ordinary buyers will have to look hard.

qualitative semi-finished product should not be bone, cartilage, and veins. Fat, too – the smaller, the better. The package should be attractive in appearance without streaks or cracks.

Too dry barbecue, according to the authors of the standard, not always the mistake of the cook. If the meat is too loose or, conversely, ready-made, like rubber, and the nose hit the strong smell of spices, so the manufacturer has slipped a lover of grilled meat of older pigs, or simply messed with expired raw materials. Meanwhile, standardized product should be soft and juicy.