So, buyers are reminded about the characteristics of delivery of goods on delivery, when the parcel can be picked up in the mail only after payment. In case of return of such goods the buyer shall pay for not only sending, but may be unable to get their money. Especially should be alerted if the goods came from a private person.

When making online purchases you need to make sure that the website provides information on details of the seller, the document says. “Be cautious if the site attracts “lowest” prices, however, payment of goods is possible only in one way – Bank transfer” – warns the CPS.

it is Also not recommended to transfer money to a Bank card individuals. But before you pay it out, will the e-check. The seller is obliged to send to the email address of the buyer or via sms to the subscriber’s number.

to Refuse the goods, the buyer may at any time before its transfer, and then has the right to return goods within seven days if the seller had concluded a written agreement, or within three months if the sale was held without the paperwork.

the Department explained that the claim can be presented, both for the seller and the website-aggregator of information if the goods purchased through it. It is a marketplace where their services are offered by different online stores. Complain this site can, in the case of providing the consumer with inaccurate or incomplete information about the product or the seller, as well as if the goods were not transferred in time.