In the design of the train, the solemn ceremony of start of operation which was held on Monday, the motives of the well-known domestic folk crafts: Khokhloma, Gzhel, Rostov enamel, Orenburg fluff and other. It is for the protection of such products produced in various parts of Russia for centuries perfected the technology and developed a system of protected geographical indications. It will allow you to prevent access to the market of fakes, will help experts continue to preserve their technology, said the head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev.

“Every region, every city of our country is unique and distinctive, each has its own history, achievements and time-tested brand, – said Ivliev. Given that the development of folk art in the Russian Federation is impossible without the legal protection of regional brands, representing the most important instrument of socio-economic development of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, Rospatent, with the support of the Federation Council and the Ministry of economic development is implementing various initiatives aimed at promoting the positive image of the regions of the country.”

the Representatives of other departments attending the official launch ceremony of the whole on national fisheries, noted the importance of this event and suggested that a trip to this part may encourage many passengers to travel across the country.

take a Ride on the train “Folk art” will be for six months.