Moscow. June 18. INTERFAX.RU to Pass tests for COVID not necessary neither graduates nor the organizers, said the Agency.

high school Graduates this year will have to know your exam results until August 15, said the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev.

“Those dates that everyone can see the schedule with the backup days in August, is calculated from considerations that we will have time to process and issue the results before August 15. All educational institutions these you will see results and can calmly for 10 days at least to make selection, and then release the orders of enrollment,” said Muzaev Thursday, responding live to questions for graduates, their parents and teachers.

He stressed that the office was no fear that the results will not be issued in time. Moreover, according to him, in Rosobrnadzor will try to the results the exam appeared “in a shorter (time), for 1-2 days, depending on the subject.”

“the methodical recommendations of the CPS and of the service of such a requirement (to pass a test to COVID — if) no. That is, the mass to be tested, to bring help — this is not necessary, this requirement is not imposed. Calmly get ready for the exam,” said Muzaev.

the same goes for organizers. According to him, the big effect from this measure will not. “It’s practically a useless measure. If there are no signs (SARS — if) for a few days before the exam, run to pass the tests there is no need,” said Muzaev.

the Schedule of the exam was finally approved yesterday, June 17. Exams will be held in July, surrender their will, only those high school graduates who plan to enroll in universities.

on may 21, President Vladimir Putin announced that the exam in Russian will start from June 29. The head of state said that “a steady decline in the threat of coronavirus” gives the opportunity to spend unified state exam across the country.