“Roskosmos” will create a rival to the American satellite system Starlink, which provides company SpaceX. The program would create a national system of “Sphere” will be submitted to the government for approval in August, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the press service of the Corporation.

they explained that the program has already been agreed with all interested bodies, including the Ministry of communications and the Ministry of transport. Now the project is on consideration in the Ministry of Finance and economic development.

In June 2018, it was reported that the global satellite system “Scope”, involving the deployment of about 600 satellites, was a modified version of the previously announced “Roscosmos” project communication systems “Broadcast”.

Originally a Russian project of satellite Internet was designed to compete with OneWeb systems and Starlink. Deputy General Director for strategic development and innovation of the holding company “Russian space systems” (RKS) Evgeny Nesterov noted that such a program is that you can deploy by 2025 constellation of 288 satellites with orbit altitude of 870 kilometers, will require an investment of 300 billion rubles.

Starlink is a global satellite system to provide Internet connection for the territories where access to the network was unreliable, expensive or completely unavailable. The system is developed by the company SpaceX, which is owned by American businessman Elon musk.